A Rock is the Best Gift Ever

This week, my husband bought me a rock…

“A rock?” You ask.

Yes, a rock. And it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts anyone has ever gotten me because it’s a Vanadinite crystal. Vanadinite is a creativity crystal – similar to a sorcerer’s stone, but for writers.

My husband totally ‘gets’ me.

This particular crystal is rumored to help stimulate you mentally, improve energy, and help you focus. Which all writers (at least this writer) needs help with. Its said that sleeping with a piece of vanadinite under your pillow will help you awaken with a focused energy, ready to get things done – especially if you have a big project ahead. And I have several…

VanadiniteVanadinite’s Role in the Creative Process

Vanadinite is renowned for its ability to prompt you to action and stimulates creative activity.

Another big benefit to this crystal is that it promotes thrifty behavior, helping you to curb spending. And, for anyone who has problems breathing (I have lots of issues with allergies since moving to the Southwest), it is supposed to be good for breathing difficulties.

Origins of Vanadinite

The stone originally hails from Morocco, but also naturally occurs in my stomping grounds, New Mexico and Arizona. It’s due to arrive today and I know exactly where I’m going to place it – right on my desk where I can see the light shine through the bright red and orange crystals, hoping it will reflect some creative energy on me throughout the day.

Vanadinite is in the Apatite family of rocks and it is created from many minerals that formed together over thousands of year. In the mix are other minerals, including oxygen and chlorine, as well as lead.

Vanadinite to Fight Writers Block

Most writers are believers in metaphysical, and this writer is no different. I don’t know much abuot chakras and vibrations and earth realms, but this stone is designed to attune your body and get these chakras in sync – which I can’t imagine is a bad idea. If you believe in writers block (I don’t, I’m more of a believer in “writers who can’t write because they haven’t got a road-map in place). But it is supposed to help you with writers block.

My own cure for writers block is to stare at my bills – that’s the quickest way to unblock any creativity problems.

The stone is supposed to vibrate at the perfect frequency to help writers finalize projects, motivate them, inspire creativity and stir you to action by stimulating the “third eye” which is a reportedly a very spiritual area. So if you happen to be a psychic, this may also be the stone for you.

Meditation with Vanadinitevanadinite-2

Its also a good idea to use the stone in meditation although they recommend you use a grounding stone as well or you may feel “spacey” when you come back to reality. Good stones to combine it with include:

  • Lavender Iolite
  • Blue Dumortierite
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Labradorite
  • Blue Apatite

Vanadinite also helps to manifest money, which we can all use, and is best used with stones that are sacral chakra stones, like:

  • Yellow Labradorite
  • Crocoite
  • Orange Zincite
  • Orange Creedite
  • Orange Calcite
  • Cerussite
  • Orange Carnelian
  • Sphalerite

Using it with Tiger iron will help boost energy levels and using it with base chakra stones (like Bloodstones, Axinite or Iron Pyrite) will help keep you grounded.

Vanadinite As Protection

Another great benefit is that it wards off the radiation from computers and electronic equipment – something I can use as I spend most of my life behind a computer screen.

The neatest thing, and the point of this entire post, is to say that I love my new rock and to emphasize the fact that I have the most amazing and thoughtful husband in the world. He is a rockound himself and not only did he research the benefits of Vanadinite, he knew that I would rather have a crystal capable of stirring my creativity, than a bunch of flowers that have been cut from their gardens.

And this is why I married him – it’s also why, after 12+ years of being happily married, I know that I made the right decision years ago. And I’m happy that I did..

Thanks for my Vanadinite rock, Sweetie.  You did good…