When does the next book come out?

Honestly? I can’t answer that. I’m hoping Blood of the Shepherd will be ready this October.

And with luck, The Good Shepherd will be released September.

But a lot depends on how often things have to get rewritten and how many deadlines I’m under so I can continue to eat and feed all the animals. Please know that I greatly appreciate your patience!

Where did you get the idea for the Shepherd series?

I have always been fascinated with animals and urban fantasy, so it seemed like a natural way to bring the two together.

Why aren’t you traditionally published?

Primarily because no one knew where to sell or place the book when it was on the market. At least, that is the most common reason given to me by agents. I’m sure there was more to it. But, now that I’ve self-published, I really don’t see much of a need for an actual publisher or agent. I would prefer to invest my money in copyright lawyers and marketing.

Can I send you my most excellent idea for a book?

No. Please, don’t… One thing I have no shortage of is ideas. I would absolutely recommend you begin putting your ideas to work for yourself!

Are you still writing children’s books?

I always have something in the works for kids and while I’m not entirely sure which children’s book will be released next (I’m still deciding), I can tell you that I have four titles in the works…


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