Fast Zombies and Our Daily Walk

My husband and I have been trying to commit to getting a little healthier. This means that we’re starting with a healthier diet, which entails adding a vegetable in my husband’s view. Luckily, my view means a little more than that, but since he does all the cooking, I have to guilt him into cooking healthier meals.

Don’t judge. It works for us…

The other thing it means is that we’re trying to walk every day. We started out with a mile each day last week. This week, we’re kicking it up to two miles each day. Again, don’t judge. Everyone has to start somewhere and given all of our health issues, I’m pretty proud of us for committing to it.

Not surprisingly, since adding a multivitamin to the mix, I’ve started feeling a little better. Which means more energy for writing. I thought that I could blog about our conversations while we walk because they are the best part of the walk.

Today, a fellow walker come up out of nowhere behind us. It startled both of us, so we started thinking about what would happen if that person suddenly turned into a zombie. Neither of us has seen the movie so we don’t really know what we’re talking about.

Sam watched the lady pass us. “What would you do if she suddenly turned into a zombie?

“A fast zombie like from World War Z or a slow zombie, like from Walking Dead?” I ask.

“A fast zombie.”

I quickly appraise our surroundings. “First, I would feint to the right (I feint a quick turn), run over to that tree and climb it like a monkey (I mimic monkey climbing). Then I would jump onto the fence (I mimic a jump), and drop into that yard. A giant Rottweiler would be drooling at the mouth waiting for me.  But I’d say, ‘No, dog! Get the fast zombie!’ Then I would turn to my right (feint turn) and the dog would jump past my head and attack the fast zombie coming over the wall after me. While he ate the fast zombie, I would jump the other fence and run home.”

Sam, staring at me incredulously, shakes his head. “There’s no way you could climb that tree.”

I glance at the tree. It’s tall. And he’s right. I’m an awful tree climber. But, still – it’s my made up story and if I can climb tall trees to escape fast zombies in that story, then he should go along with it.

“Well, what would you do?” I  ask.

“I would probably just let it eat me,” he said. “I wouldn’t make the dog eat a fast zombie. What if the dog gets sick? Or what if he became fast zombie Rottweiler?”

“Good point,” I agree. I wouldn’t want the dog getting sick and I certainly wouldn’t want to be chased by a fast zombie Rottweiler. “Well, you can’t just let it eat you. That’s like giving up completely.”

“Maybe, but I’ve already walked over a mile.” He looks up at the sun. “And it’s really hot.”

I have to agree. It’s way too hot. And I hate being hot – which in Arizona is always.

“Maybe if it were winter, I would do all those things,” he continued. “But in the summer, I would probably just let it eat me.”

“What if it were a slow zombie?”

“Then I would kill it…”

The rest of our conversation was focused on fast zombies, dog walking zombies, James Rollins (because I get to talk to him on the phone today!), a young bird we saw on the side of the dirt road and a bunny rabbit that guided us home.
There is really no point to this blog post. I just need to get back into writing every day and everyone loves a fast zombie story.

What do you and your significant other discuss on your daily walks. Care to share?